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Captiva Spine TirboLOX-C Titanium Cervical Cage


Captiva Spine’s TirboLOX (Titanium Reinforced Bone) titanium cervical interbody cages are created using an advanced 3D printing technology. This is an additive manufacturing process that enabled TirboLOX implants to have unique surface features and structures not possible with traditional machining. Purposely designed to potentially promote a strong interface between metal and bone (biologic fixation) TirboLOX incorporates:

  • Surface roughness (with peaks and valleys) outside and inside the implant
  • Interconnected organic lattice structure featuring a dual layer of varying porosities
  • Open architecture to reduce radiographic presence for clear imaging.

TirboLOX-C Titanium Cervical Cage was designed to work seamlessly with our FuseLOX Cervical System’s ergonomic and intuitive instrumentation.

*May not be predictive of clinical experience.
Citations on file and available upon request.

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