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Captiva Spine’s TirboLOX** (Titanium Reinforced Bone) Titanium Cervical Cage is created using advanced 3D printing technologies to form a dual porosity, and a micro-surface roughness.

Along with dual porosity, the entire TirboLOX line of interbody fusion systems incorporates an open architecture to accommodate accurate radiographic visualization and graft visibility.

TirboLOX-C Titanium Cervical Cage was designed to work seamlessly with our FuseLOX Cervical System’s ergonomic and intuitive instrumentation.

**TirboLOX is not currently cleared by the FDA for distribution in the United States.
TirboLOX-C Titanium Anatomical Cervical Cage from Captiva Spine

Get past the surface and see the importance of this Titanium Cervical interbody/bone interface

To see more hi-resolution surface images, please contact us direct at 561-277-9480 or email us!

TirboLOX-C Titanium Cervical Cage: At a Glance

  • 3D Printed Titanium Alloy (Ti-6Al-4V).
  • Heights ranging from 5-12mm.
  • Standard and wide footprints
  • Anatomical, Lordotic, and Parallel profiles.
  • Sterile Packed.
TirboLOX titanium cervical cage configurations

**TirboLOX is not currently cleared by the FDA for distribution in the United States.

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