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TransFasten LSF Lateral SI Fusion System from Captiva Spine

TransFasten® LSF Lateral SI Fusion System: Elevating Minimally Invasive Sacroiliac Joint Surgery

Captiva Spine®, a medical technology organization connecting healthcare professionals, distribution specialists, and healthcare facilities with cutting-edge spinal care technology, announces the launch of the TransFasten-LSF Lateral SI (Sacroiliac) Fusion System. The addition of this system marks a significant advancement that builds upon the TransFasten® SI fusion product line, adding ASC-READY flexibility for healthcare providers treating SI joint dysfunction.

The TransFasten-LSF Lateral SI Fusion System features:

  • A fully threaded, self-drilling/self-tapping bone screw with a unique design optimized for surgical efficiency and patient outcomes.
  • Helically dispersed circular fenestrations along the shaft to promote bone integration and support anatomical stability.
  • A low-profile screw head to support an MIS approach while providing the surgeon with a tactile response on insertion depth.
  • An extensive range of nine precision-machined screw lengths (35 mm – 65 mm) to offer a customized fit for individual patient anatomy.

Streamlining the Path to Recovery

The ASC-READY TransFasten-LSF system is designed to simplify the lateral SI fusion process, potentially shortening operating times and reducing procedural complexity. President of Captiva Spine, Dale Mitchell, said, “Our aim with the TransFasten-LSF was to address the challenges healthcare providers face treating SI joint dysfunction with practical procedural efficiencies. Enhancing procedural efficiency encourages optimized surgical outcomes and paves the way for quicker recoveries and better patient experiences.”

Captiva Spine’s comprehensive ASC-READY SI fusion solutions and the WatchTower Spine Navigation System will be featured at the ASIPP (American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians) in Dallas, TX, April 4-6, 2024, and the ISASS (International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery) Annual Meeting held in Miami Beach, FL, April 26-28, 2024. 

Versatility at the Heart of Patient Care

Demonstrating Captiva Spine’s commitment to contributing to clinical and economic outcomes, the TransFasten-LSF can be used independently or in conjunction with the TransFasten-PSF (Posterior SI Fusion System) for a comprehensive, hybrid approach. This flexibility ensures that the system meets the varied needs of the healthcare landscape.

The launch of the TransFasten-LSF system is a testament to Captiva Spine’s dedication to complimenting additional surgical techniques, fostering superior patient care, and improving the efficiency of healthcare systems.

Invitation to Explore Spine Fusion Solutions

Captiva Spine invites you to discover our extensive portfolio of ASC-READY spinal solutions, including sacroiliac fusion, lumbar and cervical fusion technologies, and the most recent launch, WatchTower® Spine Navigation System below:


ASC-Ready TransFasten-LSF Lateral SI Fusion System - Bone ScrewTo take advantage of Captiva Spine’s innovative technologies and incorporate them into your healthcare offerings, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We welcome inquiries from healthcare providers, surgical facilities, and distribution professionals. To get in touch with us directly, please email our team at info@captivaspine.com

About Captiva Spine, Inc. 

Captiva Spine, founded in 2007, is a privately held medical device company that brings healthcare providers, distribution professionals, and surgical facilities together with innovative spinal care solutions. With a focus on quality, Captiva Spine strives to create reliable systems that provide clinical and economical solutions to the spine market.

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