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TirboLOX-C Titanium Cervical CageCaptiva Spine Adds Cervical Cages to TirboLOX™ Dual Layer Lattice Structure 3D Printed Titanium Cage Offering

Jupiter, FL, August 2018 – Captiva Spine is a medical device organization located in Jupiter, Florida, dedicated to delivering smart, elegant and intuitive spinal fusion solutions. Today, Captiva Spine is announcing it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its TirboLOX-C 3D Printed Titanium Cervical Cages.

TirboLOX-C Titanium Cervical Cages

TirboLOX-C Titanium Cervical Cages were created following the principles of biomimicry.   The titanium alloy interbody fusion devices with a dual layer organic lattice structure are formed using advanced 3D printing technologies. This lattice structure features a micro-rough surface topography, interconnected dual porosity, and open architecture.  Titanium alloy implants with micro-rough surface topographies and dual porosity have been shown to promote direct bony on growth, in growth and vascularization. TirboLOX-C’s open architecture is designed to reduce radiographic presence for clear imaging.  TirboLOX-C’s high coefficient of friction creates immediate bidirectional fixation.

Dale Mitchell, President and Founder of Captiva Spine said, “Our design development, incorporating substantial surgeon design input, including dual layer porous 3D printed titanium cages, dates back several years.  The timing for commercialization is excellent, as surgeons’ apparent growing preference for porous 3D printed titanium cages is substantial.  In addition, the recently announced industry acquisitions, that include 3D cage technology, may limit independent distributors’ access to this critical growth technology.  Likewise, we are pleased to make our complete line of TirboLOX 3D printed titanium cages available to support their surgeons’ needs.”  Captiva Spine is able to deliver TirboLOX Cervical’s unique dual layer organic lattice structure with numerous geometries and sizes satisfying a wide range of surgeon preferences.

Captiva Spine’s TirboLOX-C Titanium Cervical Cages are one of five new product launches that will be featured at Booth 1649 during the North American Spine Society (NASS) Annual Meeting held in Los Angles, September 26-28, 2018.

Inquiries from tenured distribution professionals looking to partner with a company to build a relationship for the long run are always welcome.

For sales, contact:
Chip Jones, Director of Sales and Marketing
chip.jones@captivaspine.com or 561-277-9480 ext. 725
or via their website www.captivaspine.com/contact-us.

About Captiva Spine, Inc.

As a privately owned medical device organization founded in 2007, Captiva Spine supports spine surgeons, tenured spine distributors, and healthcare facilities in providing patients with progressive spinal care and an obsessive focus on quality.  They strive to create and maintain sincere, honest, collaborative relationships. By valuing their relationships above all else, it fosters the mutual trust and openness needed for Captiva Spine to be a conduit of high quality, smart, elegant, and intuitive patient solutions. As a family of industry professionals, Captiva Spine takes pride in delivering these solutions responsibly and ethically while never losing sight of what they refer to as the Human Factor: Finding the joy in their daily lives and serving the needs of their customers with sincere, professional enthusiasm.

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